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Who we are

Management Team


Brend Kouwenhoven

CEO & Founder
CEO, Founder of Travis, Advisor to Rotterdam Startup community and much more, Brend comes with 20 years of experience in all areas of business.

Nick Yap

VP Product & Founder
Start-up of the Year Founder (Netherlands), Consumer Electronics entrepreneur, launched MP3 player in 1998, pioneer in music streaming hardware, >$3M Kickstarter/Indiegogo

Marijn Booman

General Manager
Experience growing companies predominantly in South East Asia and Africa. Worked in E-commerce, AdTech, video on demand as well as hotel booking services before joining TPG

Martijn Ross

Campaign Director
Martijn has 10+ experience in Marketing at Ernst&Young. He now focusses on day to day activities overseeing all campaigns at the Product Garage.

What we do and how we help

We support companies/ people’s journey from Idea to prototype to market penetration through IndieGoGo or Kickstarter.

The Product Garage helps hardware companies with pre launch (growing community, creatives, prototyping, sourcing and testing). Launch (pr, growth hacking and customer support). Fulfillment (shipping and SKU management)

We do this as we believe great designers are not necessarily great entrepreneurs and great entrepreneurs are not necessarily great creators. We hope to bridge this with our unique way of working.

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